Verina Gfader

verina portrait copy Verina Gfader
Verina Gfader (Artist – Researcher / Finland)
Participation: Presentation

Title: I prefer not to use predictable paths*

Verina Gfader is an artist and researcher with an interest in the criticality of emerging practices and economies of media art. Her work addresses themes of non-linearity, modes of resistance, and articulations of the democratic, active work. Gfader was born in Helsinki and currently lives in London. After completing a PhD in Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins London, she joined CRUMB web resource for new media art curators. Recent projects include: 2008 Close to the Surface: Digital Presence, ICA London. 2008 Condensation Revisited: A Lecture on Pigments:3 (with Colm Lally), ISEA 2008, Singapore; 2008 Nervous Light Planes (essay), Animation, Vol. 3, No. 2, SAGE Publications.