Manfred Faßler

fassler portrait kopie Manfred Faßler
Manfred Faßler (Scientist / Germany)
Participation: Symposium / Keynote

Title: Creating Proto-Culture: Infogenic Art

Manfred Faßler is Professor at the Goethe-University Frankfurt a.M. He has published a variety of books and numerous articles with the focus on Mediatheory, Media and Cognition, Human-Media-Inter(Re)Action, Digital Network, Cybernetics 2nd Order, binary Media and Cultures, Communication, Visualitiy and Mediaevolution. He was professor, researcher and lecturer at several national and international Universities such as Freie Universitaet Berlin, Uni. Kassel, Essen, Basel, Sao Paolo, Mailand, University of applied Arts Vienna and many more. Further personal information: /