img about Creating Proto Culture

Forced by the emergence of networked societies, questions about cultural coherences and cooperation models within artistic projects and creative idea development are more and more in the front of scientific discussions and socio-technological theories. Connected to the other topics of the festival and the main theme about codes of cultures and explorations of creative emergences the challenge is to find out more about how proto-cultures are made and how they are »created« by player-, interest-, idea-, cooperation- and media-based interactions and engagements. Beyond this, a special interest lays in the field of mediated selfempowerment by users, developers and projects, which are found on intermediate sectors of the arts, sciences, cultures, disciplines, dispositions and target groups. Under the conditions of high end technological, hyperdesigned environments and action-fields, ability profiles and success models should be presented under the perspective of practical knowledge and experience about the creation of proto-cultures. 

Especially the topic CREATING PROTO-CULTURE is strongly associated with project-based development of artistic and creative practices. Examples of projects and communities addressed by the general topic of the festival are invited to present and discuss their histories and progresses pointing out the vectors of delineation, cooperation and work conditions related to the production of artifacts, contents and products.

Symposium Keynote: Manfred Faßler
Sunday 31st May, 7 p.m. (MUMOK-Vienna)

Coded Cultures Yellow Corner